Omit IFS Directories and Files from Link Saves

QLNKOMT is a user modifiable BRMS backup link list that can be used to omit IFS directories and files from a *LINK save.  To add omit directories or files from the *LINK save, simply add them to the QLNKOMT link list.  An example of objects that users may typically omit from a *LINK save are the directories that are used for virtual tapes.

Some applications may lock objects that are not required during a recovery.  These objects can be omitted from saves to prevent errors during the saves.  Here is an example of a path name pattern that can be omitted -

     Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) -  /QIBM/UserData/OS400/TCPIP/NTP/QTOT*     


  1. Only objects that have been approved by the application owners should be omitted.
  2. Only *OMITS can be added to the QLNKOMT link list. If any *INCLUDES are specified, the *LINK save will fail
  3. QLNKOMT link list should never be used in a control group
  4. You cannot list QDLS or QSYS.LIB objects in a link list.