Allow BRMS to Select Any Media Class - Q1ACLSNONE

When using BRMS, the media policy defines the media class.  This media class will define the density of media. Most IBM Tape drives allow writing to media N-1. This means that there may be mixed cartridges in a tape media library or in rotation. As only a single media class can be specified in a media policy, if a different media class needs to be used, the media policy needs to be changed.

A new data area,  QUSRBRM/Q1ACLSNONE  is provide that will allow the selection of any media class that is available in the tape media library or loaded in a tape drive.                                             



  1. Specify *NONE for the media class in the media policy

  2. Once a density is selected, all additional media being selected in the current job will have to have the same density (cartridge type - LTO).

  3. No mixed densities (cartridge types - LTO) within a media set

  4. If doing parallel saves, all the cartridges will have to have the same density or cartridge type  (LTO)

  5. The following PTFs or their superseding PTFs are required:

    • 7.2    SI52668    

    • 7.1    SI51667

    • 6.1    SI51666