Monitoring ASPs with BRMS

BRMS can be used to monitor space used by ASPs, both user and independent ASP. There are two commands that can be used :

Display ASP Information (DSPASPBRM)

The Display ASP Information (DSPASPBRM) command shows you the Display ASP Information display.  This display shows you a summary of all auxiliary storage pools (ASP) that are set up and various statistical information about the auxiliary storage pools on your system.   

Work with ASP Descriptions (WRKASPBRM)

The Work with ASP Descriptions (WRKASPBRM) command takes you to the Work with ASP Descriptions display or produces the ASP Descriptions report.  The resulting display or report depends on the values that you specify in the Work with ASP Descriptions command. You can specify an individual auxiliary storage pool, all auxiliary storage pools or a generic auxiliary storage pool.  You can further define your request by ASP class and the sequence in which you want to sort the resulting output.                                               
Output can be a display or printed report.  The report that is produced is the ASP Descriptions report.  The report, if printed, is written to printer file QP1AXS.                                                  

Status of ASPs

     This is a primary auxiliary storage pool device.                        
    This is a secondary auxiliary storage pool device.                          
    This is a system (1) or basic user 2-32) auxiliary storage pool.        
    This is a user-defined file system auxiliary storage pool device.    
    This ASP is not physically attached to the system. This can occur when shared iASP's are configured in a PowerHA environment and the IASP is not currently connected to the system running the DSPASPBRM/WRKASPBRM