Use the MONSWABRM Command to Monitor For Save While Active Checkpoint Messages

The Monitor Save While Active (MONSWABRM) command monitors a save while active message queue for a message indicating the end of library synchronization.  When the end of synchronization is detected, MONSWABRM will run the specified command. The MONSWABRM command can be used as an exit (*EXIT) special value in a control group during backup processing.  

In IBM i release 6.1 and later, MONSWABRM can be used to monitor for a save while active checkpoint message from one save or to monitor for multiple save while active checkpoint messages from multiple saves.  

In IBM i release V5R4M0, MONSWABRM will monitor for one save while active checkpoint message even when multiple saves are associated with the backup.  


  1. MONSWABRM should not be used with backups that save multiple libraries (*ALLUSR, generic libraries, etc) when *LIB or *SYSDFN is specified for the Save active (SAVACT) parameter.
  2. BRMS object lists contain objects to be backed up.   The objects may or may not be combined on one or more save commands.  Because it is difficult to predict how many saves will be run for an object list, care must be taken when using object list saves with MONSWABRM.
  3. If the message queue specified for the Message queue (MSGQ) parameter on MONSWABRM does not exist, BRMS will create the message queue and monitor for the checkpoint message.  If BRMS does create the message queue, once the checkpoint message has been received and the specified command has been run or the wait time specified for the Time limit in seconds (WAITMSG) parameter has been exceeded, the message queue will be deleted.
  4. MONSWABRM will not work with the following saves:      
    • folder lists
    • spooled file lists
    • *ALLDLO 
    • *SAVCFG
    • *SAVSECDTA      
  5. To force MONSWABRM to revert backup to the prior behavior of only monitoring for one checkpoint message even if there is more than one save associated with the backup see Allow MONSWABRM to monitor for one save-while-active checkpoint message - Q1ASYNCMSG.