Backup Control Groups

Learn how to work with, manage, and modify BRMS Backup Control Groups

The BRMS Backup Control Groups

BRMS control groups are used to organize backup processes.  The control group indicates the type of backup to be performed, when to run the backup, the type of backup media to be used, etc.  The control group also indicates which objects should be backed up through a list of control group entries.  

When BRMS is installed, 3 default backup control groups will be created

  • *BKUGRP - Backs up all user data (equivalent to GO SAVE Option 23 - see note 6 below )

  • *SYSGRP - Backs up all system data (equivalent to GO SAVE Option 22 - see note 5 below)

  • *SYSTEM - Backs up the entire system (equivalent to GO SAVE Option 21)

Backup Control Group Topics

Follow these links for information about specific tips, tasks, and techniques for using these control groups:


1. An independent auxiliary storage pool (IASP) device can be specified for an *IBM control group entry. In releases IBM i 6.1 through 7.2, the following PTFs or superseding PTFs are required:

2. If native commands will be used to recover objects from saves that were done using *IBM or *ALLUSR control group entries, the native restore commands will fail with message CPF3717 if *IBM or *ALLUSR is specified for the Saved library (SAVLIB) parameter.  In order to use native restore commands in this case, *ANY must be specified for the SAVLIB parameter.  In addition, if save data for document library objects (DLO) or integrated file system (IFS) objects follow the library save data on the media, *REWIND must be specified for the End option (ENDOPT) parameter.

3. Entries in control group *SYSTEM cannot be updated, only viewed. Control group attributes can be changed.

4. Entries and attributes in control groups *BKUGRP and *SYSGRP can be saved

5. On new installs at 7.1 and above, the control group *SYSGRP  will include a QIBMLINK link list that will save IBM IFS data. On existing systems, users will need to edit the control group and add the QIBMLINK link list

6. The *BKUGRP control group will save all IFS data including the IBM portion. If wanting the control group to exclude IBM data, replace the *LINK item with the QALLUSRLNK link list