BRMS Networking Considerations

Using BRMS with the networking feature for network-wide media and backup history management

By placing multiple IBM i systems in a BRMS network, the systems can share BRMS policies, media information and storage locations with other systems in the BRMS network. This allows backups across all IBM i systems in the BRMS network to be managed in a consistent manner. It also optimizes the the media.

For additional information about using a BRMS network see the following topics:

Considerations with BRMS Networking:

  • A BRMS network requires that the BRMS - Network Feature must be installed on all systems in the network.
  • When the BRMS - Network Feature is installed on a system, subsystem Q1ABRMNET should always be active unless the system is in restricted state.
  • Systems in a BRMS network can be at different IBM i releases. However, the systems in a BRMS network should all be at currently supported releases. It is also important to keep all the systems in the network at the same BRMS PTF level. List of BRMS Service Packs (service packs) for all supported releases come out on a quarterly basis.
  • A system can only be in a single BRMS network.
  • As BRMS networks are PEER networks, all systems need to be able to communicate with all other systems in the BRMS network.
  • Do not use future dates on systems in a BRMS network. If testing of future dates need to be done, the system should be removed from the BRMS network first
  • BRMS subsystems used to process updates
      • Used to send media and history updates OUT to other systems in the BRMS network
      • Process e-mails that may need to be sent
      • Jobs running under the subsystem
        • QBRMNET - Monitors if updates to other system are needed. This will start the QBRMSYNC job if updates are required to be sent out
        • QNMAPINGD - Used to verify connection to systems
        • Q1ACPDST -  Process emails to be sent , BRMS Enterprise functions in 7.1 and updating cartridge status (see Using BRMS to Update Status of Cartridges on TS3xxx and TS2900 Tape Media Libraries for more information).
        • QBRMSYNC -  Process the updates to be sent to other systems in the BRMS network
    • Q1ABRMENT - IBM i 7.2 and above only
      • Jobs running under the subsystem
        • Q1ACRFSH
    • NOTE: The BRMS subsystems are only used to push updates going out to other systems in the BRMS network. They are not used to receive updates  from other systems in the BRMS network. BRMS will receive updates from systems in the same BRMS network whether the BRMS subsystems are up or down, unless BRMS is set to use FlashCopy mode.