Using Multiple Tape Media Libraries for a Parallel Save

Using multiple tape media libraries for a parallel save

If planning on doing parallel saves using multiple tape media libraries, users should use *MEDCLS rather than specify the individual tape media libraries in the control group attributes or in the the DEV parameter on the SAVxxxBRM commands

  • If there are multiple drives available in the first tape media library selected, and it the Min/Max requirements are met,  BRMS will use only use the one tape media library

  • Media policy must be set to use *ANY for the location of media.

  • Tape media libraries need to have unique locations (WRKDEVBRM) and available media needs to be at those locations

  • Tape drives in the different tape media libraries have to be write compatible with each other

  • It is important to only specify *MEDCLS once for the Backup Devices or DEV parameter