Improve Output File Processing Performance

When a control group entry has *YES or *MBR specified for the Retain Object Detail field, size and text information is retrieved for each file member that is saved and stored with the BRMS save history.  Retrieving the member information can cause noticeable performance degradation during backups involving many file members. If the member information is not important for the objects being saved, the retrieve member information can be disabled by using the following command:


where 'xxxxxxxx' is:

*NO - disable the retrieval of extended member details
*YES - enable the retrieval of extended member details
*DISPLAY - display whether the extended member details are being retrieved

With retrieve member information disabled, the Work with Media Information (WRKMEDIBRM) command will continue to allow individual file members to be restored and displayed. However, when WRKMEDIBRM is used to display the file member, the member text will be blank and the member size will be 0.