About BRMS for IBM i

Backup, Recovery & Media Services for i is the IBM strategic solution for planning and managing the backup of IBM i servers

BRMS provides the IBM i server with support for policy-oriented setup and execution of backup, recovery, archive, and other removable media-related operations. BRMS uses a consistent set of intuitive concepts and operations that are used to develop and implement a backup strategy tailored to individual business requirements. The user interface is menu-driven, with a significant number of functions enabled through the optional IBM Systems Director Navigator for i.

BRMS facilitates centralized management of media by maintaining a consistent catalog of removable tape media that includes the contents, location, and availability across multiple i servers or partitions (referred to as networked systems). A common media scratch pool contains shared tape volumes that are eligible for use by any participating networked system. When a networked system uses one of these shared volumes, that usage is broadcast to all networked systems so that each system has an updated view of the active media, and available expired media.

Note: BRMS commands do not honor adopted authority.

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