ESS FlashCopy® creates a clone of the source system onto a second set of disk drives which are then attached and used by another system or LPAR partition. BRMS provides a mechanism to perform a backup on the second system such that it appears to have been done on the original system.

When using BRMS with FlashCopy, be aware that:

  1. To use all the functions of BRMS, 57xxBR1 Option 2 (FC-5102)  BRMS-Advanced Functions Feature is required.

  2. BRMS PTFs should not be loaded on a system when it is in FlashCopy mode. The FlashCopy status needs to be *END. To verify the Flash copy status, run the following command -

  3. BRMS used with IBM Cloud Storage Solutions for i is not supported in a FlashCopy environment.

  4. IBM tests BRMS only with IBM disk storage products. BRMS is not tested with any OEM products or applications.

FlashCopy is an IBM® System Storage® technology supported and controlled by IBM storage devices. FlashCopy processes are used outside of BRMS and not controlled by BRMS. When using BRMS with one system as a production system and a secondary system as the backup system, BRMS functionality and output are not equal between these systems. The FlashCopy process is a one-way process, the backup system’s data is not copied back to the production system by BRMS or toolkits. Toolkits such as IBM’s Systems Lab services Full System Copy Services Manager (FSCSM), only synchronize BRMS backup information (QUSRBRM) or the customer is responsible for building their own solution.


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