Force an IPL When Control Groups End with CPF1099 - Q1AIPLSUB

A control group may try to put the system into restricted state. If an attempt is made to restart the controlling subsystem and the system has not reached restricted state, a CPF1099 may be sent because the control subsystem is still trying to end. The only way to get out of this state is to IPL the system.

In releases V5R4M0 and later, if BRMS receives a CPF1099 when it tries to start the controlling subsystem and data area QUSRBRM/Q1AIPLSUB exists, the system will be IPLed. IPL options from the control group are used. These options may be referencing the BRMS Backup Policy or even the BRMS System Policy. The control group does not need to be set to IPL *YES in order for this IPL to occur.


NOTE: In releases IBM i 7.1 and earlier, the following PTFs or their superseding PTFs are required: 

  • 7.1 SI41206
  • 6.1 SI41205
  • V5R4M0 SI41204