Interface to Control Which Control Groups Will Not Use the Select User Space Code

Starting in IBM i 7.2, BRMS uses a select user space to select what libraries can be saved. This allows for more than 300 libraries in a single save command.

At times this option may not be desired if you are:

  • Saving a large number of items with or without omits fails with CPF3C81. The current limitation is 32767 list values

    • Examples where this will post a CPF3C81:

      • More than 32767 libraries

      • More than 32767 object names

      • More than 32767 generics

  • Save-While-Active saves of a large list of libraries in an object list when checkpoint is required across all libraries 

  • Doing cumulative/incremental saves of *ALLUSR

  • Performance issues when doing cumulative/incremental saves

  • Have the requirement to use native RSTLIB of *ALLUSR or *IBM

NOTE: Without  PTF SI67946 (7.3) / SI67312 (7.2) or their superseding PTFs , GUI object omits will be ignored when the Q1ANSELECT user space is setup or the Q1ANSELECT data area exists. Green Screen library omits will still work. If you do not want to use the select user space for one of the above reasons, you can follow the following option to set BRMS to save data using the pre-7.2 method. In PTF for 7.2 SI64248 and for SI64250 7.3, enhancements have been made to control if a control group will use the new select option or can be set to save the data in the 7.1 and below method.

Interface to control which control group will not use the select user space code.

  • Parm1: (Input, char 10)  OL Identifier Q1ANSELECT

  • Parm2: (Input, char 10) (action)*ADD/*REMOVE/*DISPLAY/*CLEAR

  • Parm3: (Input, char 10)  Control group name - name, *ALL, or *NONE

  • Parm4: (Input, char 10)  object list name - name or *ALL

    • If Parm 2 = *DISPLAY or *CLEAR only 2 parms are expected.







  1. If the data area QUSRBRM/Q1ANSELECT exists and a BRMS PTF SI64248 (7.2) and for SI64250 (7.3) or their superseding PTF is applied, the data area will be deleted and the user space with *ALL *ALL will be created:

  2. If the user space is set up to not use the *SELECT option (ie it has a value in it), the excludes in object lists should not be used, ie omits will be ignored. If they are, users may see BRM14A1 listed in the job log

  3. If the user space is set for one or more control groups and an object list that is specifying specific file attributes, these attributes will be ignored and all objects of the specific file type will be saved.

  4. When doing backups from flash copies, the object save date/time on the source system are not updated. This will result in CPF3745 messages been posted on the flash copy backups if incremental backups are run if the control groups are not defined in the user space.