The Set Media Controls using BRM (SETMEDBRM) command is used to enable users to use BRMS enrolled volumes and have BRMS keep track of what is saved on the volumes with little change to existing backup operations. It is recommended to always use the SETMEDBRM command in the same job stream if using native save commands (SAVLIB, SAVOBJ, SAV, SAVDLO, SAVCHGOBJ etc). With PTFs 7.4 SI70368 ,  7.3 SI70367 , 7.2 SI70366 or superseding PTFs, users may see a BRM3D1D Reason Code 7 when using native save commands.

Things that can be set when using the SETMEDBRM command with native save operations are:

  • Media Class
  • Retention period
  • Move Policy
  • Reference control group
  • Mark volume or history for duplication
  • Secure the volume (require *ALLOBJ or *SAVSYS authority to read)

The following should be considered when using the SETMEDBRM command:

  • The SETMEDBRM command is intended to be added before "canned" save operations or programs that cannot be changed and have save commands in them.
  • Using the SETMEDBRM command with BRMS commands like SAVLIBBRM, SAVOBJBRM, SAVOBJLBRM, SAVBRM, SAVDLOBRM or STRBKUBRM may produce unpredictable results and should not be used.
  • Irrespective if doing a full or cumulative native save command (SAVLIB, SAVOBJ, SAVCHGOBJ, SAV or SAVDLO command), all will have a Save Type of *FILE in WRKMEDIBRM
  • When using SETMEDBRM with DUPTAP, the volume that is duplicated to will be active but the entries in WRKMEDIBRM will have a saved item of *NONE and the Save Type will be *FILE.