Do Not Allow Initializing or Writing to Media that is Not Enrolled in the BRMS Inventory - Q1AONLYBRM

BRMS can block initializing and writing to media not enrolled in the BRMS inventory. The purpose of this function is to prevent users from inadvertently overwriting media created by a partition not participating in a BRMS network group.

To enable this feature, create the data area QUSRBRM/Q1AONLYBRM and set the Auto enroll media field in the system policy to *NO. Attempts to write or initialize tapes not enrolled in the BRMS inventory will result in message BRM3D1D with reason code 0010.



  1. In releases IBM i 6.1 and earlier, the following PTFs or their superseding PTFs are required:
       6.1 SI30649
       5.4 SI30647
  2. In order to prevent unauthorized users from enrolling media into BRMS, secure the commands WRKMLMBRM, ADDMEDBRM and WRKMEDBRM, and the data area QUSRBRM/Q1AONLYBRM.