Working with Serial and Parallel Sets in BRMS

In BRMS, a volume may be part of a serial set, a parallel set or a parallel and serial set.

When doing a WRKMEDBRM, users may see a + next to a volume.  This indicates that it is part of a set. The set may be a parallel or serial set

Pressing F11, users will see if the volume is part of a serial and/or a parallel set

When using WRKMEDIBRM, Option 5 will list all volumes associated with the saved item. if more than 10 volumes were used in the save, a + sign will be posted at the end of the 10th volume

Selecting F10 will display all volumes used.

NOTE: If more than approximately 50 volumes were used, all the volumes will not be shown.


If more the 50 volumes were used, the Media_Set_Info table function may be used to return the serial media set information.