Media Movement

Tips, techniques, and recommendations for moving media in your network

When systems are in a BRMS network, running movement needs to be carefully managed.  The following are recommendations to help prevent issues with volume movement:

  • When running movement as part of BRMS maintenance (STRMNTBRM), it is recommended that only one system runs movement.
  • If systems in the BRMS network are attached to different tape media libraries, run movement using MOVMEDBRM SYSNAME(*LCL) on each system or set up the option to Eject Media on a Tape Media Library that is Not Configured on the Local System, but still only run movement on one system.
  • If multiple systems are attached to different tape media libraries at , for example, 2 different locations, use MOVMEDBRM LOC(xxxxxxx) on one system at each location.

For more information about media movement see the following topics: