Single Database Recovery

Use the RSTBRM command to recover a specific Lotus Server database. For example, to restore a Domino database called 'catalog' from the device TAP01, you would simply enter the following command:

RSTBRM DEV(TAP01) OBJ(('/notes/data/catalog.nsf'))

NOTE: You do not need to specify the media identifier on RSTBRM because BRMS knows what media contains the most current version of the data and will ask a system operator if the media is not currently loaded in TAP01.

After the recovery completes, review the job log to ensure that the recovery was successful. To display the job log, enter the following command:


On the display, press F10 and page up to see the details of any messages that were logged during recovery processing.

NOTE: Multiple objects are associated with a notes database when it is backed up while online; therefore, multiple messages will appear during recovery. The size of the second restore will depend on the number of changes and the number of files per group specified in the server .ini file.  This change files will be deleted once the required changes have been applied. For example, if you had the databases set to groups of 5, you would see the following messages:

  • 1 objects restored.
  • 5 objects restored.

Restore of Domino database completed successfully.

NOTE: If this saved item was saved using an incremental backup, BRMS will restore the transactional logs and the database all in this one command.

NOTE: By default, the Domino API to recover a database will delete any database with the same name in the same location as the database being restored. To avoid any problems that could be caused by this deletion, restore the database to a different server or to a different sub-directory under the same server. Then, after verifying that the restored database is correct, use the Domino interfaces to move the recovered documents back to the original database or use the Domino interfaces to delete the original database and replace it with the recovered database.

To avoid any potential loss of the original database on a restore of an incrementally saved database, go thru the steps outlined in the Incremental recovery to a different Lotus server or different directory