Copying Control Groups

The control groups that are shipped with BRMS contain an *EXIT (a CL command to be processed during STRBKUBRM) with a SAVDOMBRM command for Domino or a SAVLQPBRM command for Quickplace. Each of these commands has a parameter called CTLGRP that passes the name of the control group to Lotus. They also each have a parameter called SERVER that specifies the name of the Lotus Server to be saved. If you copy a control group in BRMS, you must also edit the *EXIT command and update the CTLGRP parameter so that it will match the new name of the control group. In addition, if you are changing the Lotus Server that is being backed up, then you must change the SERVER parameter to identify that new server.

Failure to match the control group name with the CTLGRP parameter in the exit will result in message BRM4122 or message BRM4131 indicating that the control group does not match the active control group. This message is sent during runtime of the STRBKUBRM command.

NOTE: When using user created control groups, users need to ensure that :

  1. "Automatically backup media information" in the control group attributes is set to *OBJ or
  2. If using SAVMEDIBRM to save recovery information , OPTION(*OBJ) is specified, or
  3. If duplicating tapes that have online Domino data on them, SAVMEDINF(*OBJ) is specified on the DUPMEDBRM command (V5R4M0 and above only)