Disaster Recovery Planning

After a backup, BRMS will help you plan for a complete recovery of your system by allowing you to print a complete disaster recovery plan. You should be using BRMS to backup the rest of your system as well so it should include all the data on your IBM i. See the BRMS manual (chapters 3-4) for more information on complete backup and recovery of your IBM i. To request a recovery report for your entire system, enter the following command and hit enter:


This command creates the QP1ARCY, QP1A2RCY, and QP1AASP reports to guide you through recovery of your system and the media required. You can find these reports by using the Work with Spooled Files (WRKSPLF) OS/400 command. These reports should be kept with the media that was used for the complete system backup. These reports include information about the data you saved using BRMS for your online Lotus Server as well as the rest of your data on the IBM i.

If your recovery includes saved items from online Lotus server backups, the Lotus servers must be ended to recover these saved items.

  • Run the following command to end all Lotus servers.
  • Otherwise, run the following command to end specific Lotus servers.
    • ENDDOMSVR SERVER(server-name)
  • Type the command choice and press Enter.
  • Verify the Lotus (Domino) servers have ended.
  • To do so, type the following command and press Enter.
  • Press F12 to return to a command prompt.