Media Policy Fields Move Class, Move Policy, and Retention Reflected to Auto-duplicated Media

The Control group (CTLGRP) parameter on the Start Backup using BRM (STRBKUBRM) command is used to indicate how to backup objects. The Media policy field for a control group is used to indicate how to write to media. The Automatic duplication fields for a media policy are used to indicate how automatic media duplication should be performed after a backup completes. If the To media policy field under Automatic duplication is set to *SAME, the duplicated media will be created using values from the Media class, Move policy and Retention fields for the media policy specified for the control group when the STRBKUBRM command is run.


  • The following PTFs or their superseding PTFs are required:

7.2 and later - No PTF required.
7.1 - SI47935
6.1 - SI47934
5.4 - Not supported.