Eject Media on a Tape Media Library that is Not Configured on the Local System

In releases IBM i 6.1 and later, if media that is being moved is owned by another system and the media is in an MLB that is not configured on the system doing movement, BRMS can be set up to attempt to eject the volume from the MLB on the system that owns the volume.  Systems need to be in the same BRMS network

To enable this function, run the following command to create the data area:



  1. The following PTFs or superseding PTFs are required:
          7.2 SI54787
          7.1 SI54786
          6.1 SI54702

Additional Considerations

When volumes are set for duplication, BRMS does not move nor request that these volumes be ejected from MLBs until the duplication process has completed unless Allow Volumes that are Marked for Duplication to be Moved has being set up. BRM1364 will be posted, and volumes will remain at the current location.