Checking Available Storage Before a Restore

BRMS can determine if there is enough storage space available for a restore operation before
submitting the job.

When storage size checking is enabled, BRMS retrieves the current system threshold value and
uses it as the available storage measurement for the requested restore. If the size of the
requested restore is greater than the threshold value, BRMS will send an escape message
indicating that the restore was not attempted.

If you are restoring multiple libraries at a time, the size check calculation is performed for the
complete restore operation. BRMS will not restore any libraries unless there is enough space for
all specified libraries in the requested restore.

BRMS calculations are approximate measurements of available storage. This is because the
temporary object handler space that is used by the operating system during restores is not
included. Logical files, the access paths also are not included in the size calculations unless they
are included in the current list of libraries being restored.

Using the size check in BRMS

Restore size checks are implemented for the following commands:





In addition, the restore size checks are also implemented in the GUI interfaces.
NOTE: IFS support using the RSTBRM command is not implemented.

Important: If using the CHKRSTSIZ *SYS option and performing multiple restore jobs onto a system, the BRM61FE error might be encountered if one of the restore jobs exceeds the threshold space.

Displaying size check settings

To display the current, restore size check setting, run the following command from the command
call qbrm/q1aold parm('SETUPFUN' '*DISPLAY' 'Q1ACHKRSIZ’)

which displays the current setting.

Enable restore size checking

The size checking feature can be enabled for your current restore job or set up to perform on all
restore jobs.
To enable restore size checking for the current job use this command:
call qbrm/q1aold parm(‘SETUPFUN’ ‘*SET’ ‘Q1ACHKRSIZ’ ‘*JOB’)

To enable restore size checking on all restore jobs, use:
call qbrm/q1aold parm(‘SETUPFUN’ ‘*SET’ ‘Q1ACHKRSIZ’ ‘*SYS’)

Disable restore size checking

To disable restore size checking on the current job use this command:
call qbrm/q1aold parm('SETUPFUN' '*REMOVE ' 'Q1ACHKRSIZ' '*JOB')
To disable restore size checking for all restores enter the following command:
call qbrm/q1aold parm('SETUPFUN' '*REMOVE ' 'Q1ACHKRSIZ' '*SYS')