BRMS recovery report: support recovery H/A system

Specific System Synchronization support for *SYSBAS

With the increased use of High Availability (HA) strategies and replication software being utilized in IBM i system environments, the BRMS recovery report needs be able to combine two systems backups into a single recovery report.  The goal of this combined recovery report is to prevent replicated data from being saved multiple times, yet still being available for recovery from any system.  To achieve this, the Specific System Synchronization support for IASP is being enhanced to additionally include support for *SYSBAS available in versions 7.3 and later with the following PTFs:

  • 7.5  SI78291

  • 7.4  SI78290

  • 7.3  SI78289

To activate this behavior, run the following command on the target HA system:

CALL QBRM/Q1AOLD ('HSTUPDSYNC' '*ADD' 'Source_HA_System_Name' 'Source_HA_Network_ID' '*SYSBAS' '*CHGSYSNAM')

IMPORTANT: All entries need to be in upper-case characters

Once activated, history for non-system related backups on the Target HA System will be synced to the new owning system (the Source HA System) with the system name changed to make it appear that the backup was run on the new owning system.

The following backup history will NOT be synced:




  • System libraries (Library names that start with 'Q')

  • Libraries that start with # that are system libraries:


Recovery reports run on the Source HA system will now combine all backups run on the Source HA System and all non-system backups from the Target HA System.

To disable this behavior, run one of the following commands on the target HA system.

To stop all syncing of history to the Source HA System:

  • CALL QBRM/Q1AOLD ('HSTUPDSYNC' '*REMOVE' 'Source_HA_System_Name' 'Source_HA_Network_ID' '*SYSBAS')

To continue syncing history, but without changing the owning system of the history:

  • CALL QBRM/Q1AOLD ('HSTUPDSYNC' '*ADD' 'Source_HA_System_Name' 'Source_HA_Network_ID' '*SYSBAS' '*NORMAL')

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