Adding Additional User Information to the BRMS Recovery Report - QP1ARCY

User recovery information can be included in the recovery report by adding records containing the information to the appropriate members of file QO1AUSRRCY in library QUSRBRM. Add records to member PROLOG to include user recovery information to the prolog information in the report.


  1. Add records to members STEP nnn to include user recovery information to specific steps in the report, where nnn is the step number as it appears on the report. Up to 92 bytes of user recovery information can be added to each record. There is no limit to the number of records.
  2. User recovery information is added to the report following the BRMS information and before any saved items in the step. This information will be clearly highlighted on the report as user recovery information.
  3. Each record is read sequentially from the file member, starting from the first record and ending with the last record, and will be added to the report in the same order as read. Each record will be placed on the report following the last printed line starting in column 8.
  4. The user is responsible for all spacing, positioning and translation of the recovery information in each record.
  5. The user is responsible for assuring the accuracy of the user recovery information.
  6. The step numbers in the report differ depending on the value of the Option (OPTION) parameter and the content of the recovery. If the OPTION or content is changed, the names of the members in file QO1AUSRRCY may need to be renamed accordingly. The step numbers should be consistent if the report type and saved item content are consistent.
  7. No exception is signaled if user recovery information is requested but no records are found in the members.
  8. When using STRRCYBRM USRRCYINF(*ADD) FROMSYS(), the user steps from the target system will not be included in the recovery report.

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