*SPL - Incremental Backup of Spooled Files

Incremental (*INCR or *CUML) backups of spooled files are based on the creation date of the spooled files. Only spooled files that have a create date after the incremental backup reference date will be saved or putting it another way, only spooled files created after the last full save of the spooled files will be saved.

Incremental backups of spooled files can be performed when saving control groups with spooled file list (*SPL) entries.  

  1. In releases IBM i 6.1 and earlier, the following PTFs or their superseding PTFs are required: 6.1 SI37276, V5R4M0 SI37269.
  2. In releases IBM i 7.2 and later, incremental backups of spooled files can be performed by specifying *ALL for the Spooled file data (SPLFDTA) parameter on the SAVxxxBRM commands or for the control group attribute.
  3. In release 7.2, the following PTFs or superseding PTFs is required 7.2 SI54787