Improving performance when restoring spooled files

When saving spooled files using BRMS, how they are saved can affect the restore performance.  To get the best restore performance, Saving Spooled Files Using a QALLSPLF *OBJ List is recommended to save all spooled files that can be restored when migrating to new hardware or in case of a full system restore.

Note: In PTFs 7.3 SI68568 and 7.2 SI68567 BRMS creates an QALLSPLF *OBJ list. 

  1. Use the STRRCYBRM OPTION(*CTLGRP) ACTION(*RESTORE) CTLGRP((control-group-name)) for the recovery.
  2. Change the recovery defaults , Option F9, to Restore spooled file data = *NEW

This is the optimized way to restore all spooled files.