Flight Recorder Log Files New Location

BRMS 7.2 and later versions will no longer write the flight recorder data to the /tmp/brms directory. The flight recorder data is written to the /QIBM/UserData/BRMS/logs directory. This is to comply with IBM i data guidelines.

Because of this change it will be necessary to migrate BRMS-managed virtual tape and optical images from /tmp/brms/userData/cloud to the directory /QIBM/UserData/BRMS/cloud. Some considerations for this move include:

  • This migration process will occur during a BRMS maintenance operation. After applying the March 2020 BRMS PTF, maintenance should be run to perform this migration. 

  • The migration process may increase the time for the maintenance dependent upon the number and the sizes of BRMS-managed image catalogs and virtual volumes that exist. 
    Note: due to the nature of migrating the image files, users that want to implement CLRTMP processing to clear the /tmp directory at system startup should wait to do so until the March 2020 BRMS PTF has been applied *PERM.

  • The migration process will fail BRMS maintenance with message BRM3D1C if the virtual volumes are set to create virtual image catalog entries on an independent ASP the is varied off. This issue can be resolved by varying on the independent ASP and running maintenance again.