Removable Disk Cartridge (RDX) on Removable Mass Storage (RMS)

These devices work with BRMS since the release of 6.1

In releases IBM i 6.1.1 and later, Removable Disk Cartridge (RDX) on Removable Mass Storage (RMS) devices can be used with BRMS.

BRMS restrictions for optical devices apply to RDX, see the Restrictions/Requirements section of the Optical page for more information.


  1. The Media and Storage Extensions (MSE) licensed program is not required to use optical media.
  2. In releases IBM i 7.1 and earlier, the following PTFs or their superseding PTFs are required:
    • 7.1 TR5:    SI47039
    • V6R1M1:   SI47038, SI47648, MF54369