Supported Tape Devices

BRMS officially supports and tests IBM devices

ONLY IBM Tape Media Libraries, IBM tape drives, IBM Virtual Tape Libraries (VTL), IBM optical drives , DSI VTLs (DSI425-D24, DSI520-D24, DSI520-D48, DSI420-EV0 and DSI520-EV0/EVD) are supported.

No testing occurs with any OEM Tape Media Libraries or OEM Virtual Tape Libraries (except DSI) or OEM tape and optical drives.

  • IBM i/BRMS does NO testing and has no official support for ANY OEM tape devices.

  • The only tape devices tested and officially supported are the ones that IBM sells and are specifically listed as supported.

  • Any claims of an OEM device being supported on IBM i/BRMS are exclusively those of the OEM vendor.

  • The IBM i Removable Media and BRMS teams do not develop code to specifically support a particular OEM device nor do we put code in to try to block any OEM device.

  • It is the sole responsibility of the OEM vendor to properly emulate the drive their inquiry data says they are emulating and to test that the drive really does work when connected to IBM i/BRMS.

BRMS does have code to use some OEM tape media libraries that are not able to emulate IBM tape media libraries. This code only allows using the standalone drives in the tape media library. However, it is still the responsibility of the OEM vendor to insure that their solution works with BRMS.

Learn more about OEM tape media libraries in the topic Working with Third Party Tape Media Libraries in the IBM i 7.3 Knowledge Center.