Enhanced Migration Function to Migrate LINK Lists (IFS)

BRMS migration in IBM i 7.2 now supports the migration of IFS files in *LNK lists. This function moves files in the form of complete directory trees. This is useful for certain cases, such as easily moving a complete directory of Notes Application from a slower ASP to another faster ASP with SSD, when needed.

There are some restrictions when using *LNK list for migration:

  • Only first level directory path names are allowed. For example: ‘/dirName’

  • Only one directory entry allowed in each *LNK list

  • IBM product directories (directories that are started with /Q) are not supported

  • Non IBM product directories such as ‘/’‘/tmp’, and ‘/dev’ are not supported

  • Directory tree contents must have the same file system

The report output from the migration of *LNK list will show the link list name and not the directory tree, as shown in the following example report output: