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Latest Announcements

7.5 HA 5.1.2, 7.4 HA 4.7.2 & 7.2 HA 3.9 PTFs

June 2022

Reduced data transfer with Geographic Mirroring compression and enhanced FlashCopy automation with Geographic Mirroring. Read More

7.5 PowerHA

May 2022

Simplified single edition offering, reduced data transfer with Geographic Mirroring compression, and improved switchover time. Read More

7.4 HA 4.6.1 & 7.2 HA 3.8 PTFs

December 2021

Simplified ability to switch multiple IP addresses, integrated switchover progress monitoring, and improved performance. Read More

7.4 HA 4.5.1 & 7.2 HA 3.7 PTFs

June 2021

FlashCopy Automation, switchover progress monitoring, and enhanced deployment automation. Read More

7.4 HA 4.4.1 & 7.2 HA 3.6 PTFs

March 2021

Improved control over node selection during switchovers and guided wizard-based management of session and CRG operations. Read More

7.4 HA 4.3.1 & 7.2 HA 3.5 PTFs

December 2020

Simplified deployment, simplified management, health monitoring dashboards, real-time Recovery Point Objective (RPO) information for geographic mirroring, and new SQL services for PowerHA session information. Read More

7.4 HA 4.2.1 & 7.2 HA 3.4 PTFs

June 2020

Simplified updates and upgrades with automated PowerHA and cluster version management, and PowerHA SQL services for cluster, administrative domain and CRG information provide the ability to explore PowerHA objects and data in new ways. Read More

7.4 HA 4.1.1 & 7.2 HA 3.3 PTFs

March 2020

Security compliance automation, enhanced visibility of real-time Recovery Point Objective (RPO) information, and redesigned display session screens that take advantage of 132 column displays. Read More

HA 4.0.1 PTF

December 2019

Automated setup, increased capacity, and simplified management of the administrative domain along with streamlined recovery from data center outages in a HyperSwap with LUN-level switching environment. Read More

PowerHA 7.4

June 2019

Announcing several enhancements in the 7.4 release with a focus around integration, enhanced usability, and automation of the administrative domain. Read More

Additional Technology Updates


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