Saving Spooled Files Using a QALLSPLF *SPL List

How spooled files are saved can impact your restore performance. A way to restore data if the restore performance is not critical to your operation is by using a spooled file list, QALLSPLF *SPL. This is the easiest way of saving all spooled files so they can be restored when migrating to new hardware or in case of a full system restore.

Saving Spooled Files using a QALLSPLF *SPL List

Follow this procedure to use the QALLSPLF *SPL list to save your spooled files:

  1. Create the QALLSPLF *SPL list with include entry to save *ALL spooled files.

  2. OPTIONAL: Add any additional omits to the QALLSPLF *SPL list.


  3. Add the QALLSPLF *SPL list to a control group.


Running this control group saves all the spooled files with the backup.