Saving Spooled Files Using a QALLSPLF *OBJ List

How spooled files are saved can impact your restore performance. One way to get the best restore performance is to use the QALLSPLF *OBJ list to save all spooled files so they can be restored when migrating to new hardware or in the event of a full system restore.

BRMS creates a default QALLSPLF *OBJ list designed to save all spooled files. The BRMS web GUI wizard for saving spooled files uses this default list to save all spooled files.

This default list is built to save all output queues from all libraries which start with an alphabetic character A through Z. If the system has library names that contains spooled file data for output queues that do not start with an alphabetic character, those libraries need to be added to this default object list.

Using the QALLSPLF *OBJ list in a control group requires the control group attributes are set to Save spooled file data. This setting affects all the backup items in that control group. To avoid saving data twice, it is recommended that the QALLSPLF *OBJ list is placed in its own control group.

If you have spooled files that need to be omitted, those need to be added to the default QALLSPLF *OBJ list.


Using a Control Group to Save Spooled Files with a QALLSPLF *OBJ List

Follow this procedure to use the QALLSPLF *OBJ list in a control group to save your spooled files:

  1. OPTIONAL: Add any additional libraries or omits to the QALLSPLF *OBJ list. If there are no additional libraries or omits, proceed to the next step.

  2. Create a separate control group to save only the QALLSPLF *OBJ list.

  3. Set the control group object detail parameter to *YES. This is not required, but helps verify what is saved.


  4. Set the control group attributes to Save spooled files data *ALL.


Running this control group will save all spooled files.