Force a Serial Save of Libraries in a Backup Control Group When Multiple Drives are Specified - Q1APRLNONE (New Page)


When specifying multiple drives for the Parallel device resources parameter in a control group or SAVxxxBRM command , BRMS will attempt to do a parallel save of the data. BRMS has 2 types of parallel saves, Parallel-Parallel and Multiple-Library Parallel Concurrent Saves. BRMS will attempt to save the data in the most efficient method and when saving *IBM, *ALLUSR, generic libraries or a list of libraries, some data may be saved in the parallel-parallel method while other is saved in the parallel-serial method.

However, some users may prefer not to have data saved in the Parallel-Parallel method.

At V6R1M0, users can force the type of parallel save in the control group entries.

At V5R4M0, users can user the following data area to force parallel-serial saves of *IBM, *ALLUSR, generic libraries or a list of libraries


NOTE: This data area is no longer used at V6R1M0 and above