Backup Recovery Solutions Group PTF

Backup Recovery Solutions Group PTF numbers


Hardware and Related Group PTF numbers

Description: The Hardware Group PTF is defined to contain Hardware and PTFs related to the function of Hardware within the OS
The following Subsystems are included:

  • Disk, Disk Adapter and Disk related function:
    • Device Parity protection
    • Mirroring
    • Hot Spare
    • Disk Concurrent Maintenance
    • Fiber-Channel Disk and Multi-path
  • LAN Adapter and LAN related functions including HEA
  • WAN adapter and WAN related functions
  • Cryptographic Coprocessor related functions
  • System Firmware and Firmware related PTFs

The Hardware Group PTF is defined to exclude PTFs that are higher level in function such as:

  • TCP/IP stack problems
  • System crashes except where those system crashes were the directresult of a HW related function
  • High Availability Solutions (such as GeoMirror and IndependentASPs) except where a hardware related function is the causeHW Group does not contain
  • Tape Adapter and tape related functions
  • Fiber-Channel Tape and tape library related functions

The Group PTF numbers are:

What is a Group PTF?

A group PTF is a logical way to group all fixes for a specific solution together. This page describes the Group PTF for the Backup/Recovery Solution. One PTF number is assigned for a particular solution for each release. This is not the same as a cumulative package. The Group PTF is updated more often, and contains PTFs only for certain products which are inter-related. It does not contain fixes for all of OS/400, for example. This Group PTF should make it easier to stay current on all fixes that affect the normal backup and recovery of your system to tape media (including the use of Backup Recovery and Media Services for IBM i if you have BRMS).


How do I get a Group PTF?

You can order a Group PTF by doing a Send PTF Order (SNDPTFORD) command on your IBM i 400 if you use Electronic Customer Support (ECS). The SNDPTFORD command could be put on a job scheduler to ensure the PTF is ordered on a regular basis. The PTFs in the list will be shipped to you by mail on CD-ROM or tape. You can also click here to use Fix Central to order these group PTFs.


Is every BRMS, Tape, etc., PTF included in the group PTF?

No. As a typical rule, HIPER PTFs will be added as they become available. Non-HIPER PTFs will be added after they have been available for at least two weeks. The functions/products considered for inclusion in the Backup/Recovery Solution group PTF include:

 How often does the list change for the Group PTF?

The Backup/Recovery solution team will refresh the Group PTF every month.


How will I know which level of group PTF I have applied to my system.?

To view the generation of the group PTF applied to your system. Please use the following command:

V5R1M0 and earlier:

     where 'nn' is the Group PTF number for the release that you 
     currently have installed on your system.

V5R2M0 and above:



Will the install of the PTFs require an IPL?

Yes, more than likely, there will be at least one PTF in the group which will require an IPL. These are the PTFs beginning with the prefix 'MF', (occasionally an 'SF' PTF). The cover letters and instructions delivered with the PTFs will tell you what to specify when you load the PTFs. Also remember that service attributes should be set to delayed apply of PTFs (CHGSRVA command). Most PTFs will be immediate apply and take effect as soon as they are applied. Others will be set to apply upon the next normal IPL of your system.


Is this similar process to "cume" packages?

NO, this should not be equated to a "cume" package; however, there are similarities. Only one IPL should be required to apply the delayed PTFs from the Group PTF. You should still order cume packages to get fixes for other products on your system. The Group PTF list is NOT meant to substitute for cume packages. If the cume package contains fixes that are already on your system due to the Group PTF, those fixes will be skipped over.


Since I reorder the same PTF number all the time, what if I already have most of the PTFs on the list?

The PTFs you already have loaded may be on the current version of the Group PTF media that is shipped to you, but during the load and apply process, they will simply be skipped over. Only new PTFs will be loaded and applied to your system.