Using Write Once Read Many (WORM) Media in BRMS

BRMS does support Write Once Read Many (WORM) media. This is set up in the media class, WRKCLSBRM.

The Write Once media prompt identifies whether the media in this class should be treated as if the volumes can be written only once.  You would set this value to *YES if the type of media being used with this class is Write Once Read Many (WORM).

The following identifies the operating characteristics of WORM media.      

  • File sequences on WORM media cannot be reused.        
  • Only new file sequences can be added to WORM media until the volume is filled.  
  • WORM media cannot be re-initialized once used.  Message CPF676B will be posted
  • If the WORM volumes are not added to a media class with WORM=*YES, BRMS will not know it is a WORM cartridge and  consider it a valid backup candidate. Therefore the user should be sure to add the WORM volumes to a media class that specifies WORM=*YES.         

If a WORM cartridge is expired and attempted to be overwritten, message CPF41B1 - Data overwrite not allowed would be posted.

NOTE: Any media class can be set as WORM . This includes virtual media. Virtual media enrolled in a media class that has WORM set to *YES will have the same rules applied to it as physical worm media.