BRMS for IBM Cloud using DSI VTL iSCSI Devices

Learn how BRMS can be used with the IBM Dynamic Solutions International (DSI) Virtual Tape Library (VTL) iSCSI device as an IBM Cloud solution

Using BRMS with DSI VTL iSCSI Devices

The BRMS with DSI VTL iSCSI Devices solution is intended to be an alternative to the BRMS and IBM Cloud Storage Solutions for i backup/restore solution. This solution is intended for larger customer environments saving more than 2TB of data per day. This solution creates a pair of BRMS control groups that can be run together and backup their contents to a DSI VTL iSCSI device that performs better than transfers of large image files to the cloud. The image files backed up to the DSI VTL iSCSI device can be used to provide a Network Install using Network File System (NFS) as a Disaster Recovery solution.

Follow these links for information about implementing and managing backup and restore operations with BRMS using an IBM DSI VTL iSCSI device.