Reference Material for Network Install Using Network File System (NFS)


An IBM i Network File System (NFS) client can perform save and restore operations using a virtual optical device type 632B model 003 that uses image files located on an NFS server. The NFS server can be configured on an IBM i or another platform that supports NFS. Special set up is required in order to use an NFS server with the IBM i save and restore interfaces.

Using virtual optical image files for a Network Install from NFS will require a secondary system to host the NFS server with the virtual optical image files. The virtual optical image files will need to be formatted as a NFS install image on the host NFS server.

BRMS Recovery Reports

Within the BRMS recovery report, information and instructions for full system recovery using NFS host servers. For additional information, go to:


IBM i Network Install using Network File System -  Guide for setting up NFS installation 

For ICC - Using IBM Cloud Storage Solution for i Users Guide -  5733ICC product reference  

IBM i Removable Media: Support for iSCSI VTL - DSI VTL iSCSI device reference  

IBM i Backups with IBM Power Virtual Server -  An IBM Systems Lab Services Tutorial  


  • BRMS does not manage or provide support for the NFS install process. This process is owned by the IBM i Install and Virtual Media Development team. 

  • BRMS does not manage or provide support for the DSI VTL iSCSI device or its configuration process.

  • The BRMS Advanced feature (Option 2) is required to use this function. 


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