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In order to allow the collection of two backups into one entity, BRMS and the Lotus Servers use a concept in BRMS called a package (identified by the PKGID parameter on the SAVBRM command).

Lotus Servers will backup the databases while they are active, and upon completion will back up a secondary file and associate it with the first by using the package concept in BRMS. This secondary file contains all of the changes that occurred during the backup, such as transaction logs or journal-type information.

When a user requests recovery through BRMS of a Lotus Server database that was saved in this way, BRMS will call the Lotus Server through recovery exits to allow the Lotus Server to reapply any changes from the secondary file to the original database that was just restored, allowing the data to be in a coherent state.

Work with media information (WRKMEDIBRM) will hide the secondary pieces and show a 2 in the column that indicates how many pieces are associated with the saved item. Recovery reports, however, will show all of the pieces associated with each saved item.