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Restrictions with online Lotus Server backups

  • A media policy retention type of VERSIONS is not supported.
  • Restoring a saved Lotus Server database across a BRMS network is supported only if the Receive media info attribute is set to *LIB. To review the value for the Receive media info attribute, use Option 4 - Change network group on the BRMSYSPCY menu.
  • Symbolic links are not supported. Symbolic links are objects within the integrated file system that contain path names pointing to other objects.
    • If there are objects that exist in the Domino data directories that are symbolic links that point to objects in other directories that are not in the Domino data directories, the objects will not be saved.



  • Do complete system backups routinely (once per week at the very least).
  • Do not attempt to use


  • SAVDOMBRM or SAVLQPBRM outside of a control group.


    should only be used as a *EXIT within a BRMS control group.
  • Do not


  • use SAVDOMBRM or


  • SAVLQPBRM in the first or last EXIT in a control group.


Current limitations

  • Lotus Servers use subsystem descriptions. These subsystem descriptions must exist on the system prior to recovering the Lotus Servers. If you are performing a full system recovery, the Lotus Server's subsystem descriptions are restored prior to recovering the Lotus Servers.