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To see the BRMS catalog of save history (ie. what has been saved), do the following:



  1. The Work with Media Information (WRKMEDIBRM) command could be used from any command line and supports many filtering types of parameters.
  2. A save of a Lotus Server database in the integrated file system will appear as a saved item of *LINK because of the size limitations of the screen and the long file names of the integrated file system objects.
  3. WRKMEDIBRM OUTPUT(*) will only list the sequences for the saved items and not the saved changes that SAVDOMBRM does, while WRKMEDIBRM OUTPUT(*PRINT) will list all sequence numbers. The reason is because the additional sequence numbers should not be restored by the user
  4. WRKMEDIBRM F11 may list a asterisk (*) under Objects Not Saved. For saves that did omit objects, BRMS places an asterisk beside the objects not saved count to indicate that more objects were not saved than the count indicates