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BRMS can be used to transfer virtual save media, from tape or optical image catalogs, to/from the cloud using product IBM Cloud Storage Solutions for i (5733ICC). Cloud Storage Solutions for i allow cloud connector resources to be defined for the following cloud storage providers such as  IBM SoftLayer (IBM Cloud), AWS S3, Google, IBM Cloud Object Storage cloud server, IBM Spectrum Protect and for private interfaces such as file transfer protocol (FTP) using IBM i, AIX, or Linux Redhat.

BRMS will create BRMS storage locations for each cloud resource defined on a system. When virtual media is moved to a cloud storage location, the media will be transferred to the cloud using the cloud resource. Likewise, when that media is moved from a cloud location the media will be transferred back to the i system. Media will also be automatically transferred back to the system during a restore when no local save media is available to the restore.